Erasmus+ Study Stays

ERASMUS+ 2018/19 study stays

Do you want to learn more about studying abroad or sign up for ERASMUS+?

ERASMUS + is a student exchange program with all EU countries that has been running since the mid-1980s. The Czech Republic has been participating since 1997. The exchanges are underway on the basis of bilateral agreements signed between the UK and partner universities. Financial support is provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the LLP ERASMUS+ headquarters in Brussels via Rectorate of the Charles University.

The selection of students for individual study visits is carried out and coordinated by International Office, together with individual institutes, usually in the spring. All regular students (including citizens of non-EU countries) can participate in the selection. The condition is that during the ERASMUS+ stay they are still FSV UK students.

FSV UK announces the ERASMUS+ call for applications for 2018/19. Below you will find the current notice for 2018/19 and the current list of available bilateral agreements.

Under ERASMUS+, it is possible to undergo stays of at least 90 days at one of the partner universities listed below. Each student can submit up to 3 entries in the selection process.


Before Departure

When proceeding to another stage of your study, please assure a premature enrolment at your Student Affairs Office. 

It is not possible, under any circumstances, to change the outgoing semester arbitrarily!

You can open your EUR account in any bank in the Czech Republic.


After you return

After you return, it is necessary to submit to OZS FSV UK and to EK RUK the following documents:

  • Confirmation of Erasmus+ study period (students receive this form when they sign the Participant contract with EK RUK).
  • Transcript of Records (provided that the student received this upon departure or that it was sent to the student's home address).

If the original transcript is sent by the foreign university to OZS, the student will be informed by email.

All documents are to be submitted by the deadlines set by EK RUK, but not later than the end of September of the relevant academic year.

Students must also submit the Confirmation and Transcript of Records documents to the European Office, RUK.

Students are also responsible for completing a Final report (potential problems should be resolved through EK RUK).

Recognition of results from the Erasmus+ study visit is the responsibility of the study department and the subject supervisor.

Protocol on fulfilling study obligations

Procedure for recognition of subjects studied abroad:

  • Student, after obtaining Transcript of Records, goes to his academic guarantor (head or coordinator of the study programme) with the Transcript and fills in the Protocol.
  • The guarantor decides on how many credits and what grades to give to the obligations fulfilled on Erasmus+.
  • Guarantor signs the Protocol.
  • Student gives the Protocol to the Student Services Officer at the International Office