Faculty Agreements


Next call for applications for the Fall semester 2019/2018 will be announced during this fall.

Faculty Agreements

The Inter-Faculty Agreement is administered by the Department of Foreign Relations of FSV UK, which, on the basis of written materials and an interview with the candidates, carries out the final selection of nominees.

Terms of Study: Students admitted via inter-university agreement do not pay tuition fees, but all other costs must be covered by themselves. However, they may apply for a contribution from the Rector's Mobility Fund.

Requirements of Participation in Selection: At least second semester of study of a Bachelor programme or first year of Masters programme. A very high skill level of English (more information below), grade point average preferably of 2,00 or lower.

Conditions required for inter-faculty agreement study stays

1. Before submitting a printed application with mandatory attachments to the International Office, following e-application is required :

Please submit all the documents listed below (printed) to the International Office to Mgr. Aneta Höschlová, room 217. Only in special circumstances, the application could be accepted via e-mail, complete, in one pdf document. 

The application must contain following documents (please note, there is no application form):

  • Information about your study results at FSV (results from SIS are enough, but please indicate clearly the grade-point average)
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Specific study plan (not for spring and summer schools), this is basically a list of courses that you would like to enroll at the host institution, it is not binding at this point
  • Letter of recommendation from an academician or guarantor from FSV UK
  • Assessment of Language Ability (a language certificate or a confirmation from the Department of Foreign Languages at FSV)
  • Passport copy

2. Requirements to meet an appropriate number of ECTS credits at the host university

3. It is possible to apply for a grant from the Mobility Fund for a study stay:

4. Immediately after the end of the stay, the following documents must be delivered to the International Office

  • Transcript of Records - from the host university
  • Confirmation of Stay - from the host university
  • Final report - student mobility

- Student mobility form

5. The transfer of credits from the host university to FSV UK is recognized by the specified field guarantee upon request.

Recognized subjects are placed in the system by specified study department assistant

List of available faculty agreements